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RYL California Distribution

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We began with our own dream as cannabis connoisseurs to help connect the best brands and products we love with retailers and consumers-alike. RYL Distribution is a full-service, licensed and vertically integrated cannabis operator in California. We are a team of passionate and experienced cannabis connoisseurs that provide an all-in-one approach for your brand.

We started with a focus on distribution and soon realized that whether you are an established or emerging brand, companies needed more expertise than just moving product throughout California. Our partners needed assistance with brand management and in-store placement. Once in a dispensary, they asked us how to help them more effectively sell their product. We launched our product sampling and Budtender Education Program. We sent Brand Ambassadors in to communities and utilized the power of social media to share stories. And as our brands grew, we grew.

Today our exceptional services and growing portfolio of brands uniquely provides licensed retailers and customers with the best that the California cannabis market has to offer. Our experienced team at RYL Distribution is knowledgeable, attentive, and passionate about cannabis.

As our partners continue to grow and change as the cannabis industry in California takes on new shapes, RYL Distribution will continue to create the best industry services and programs to keep our partners and their brands thriving for decades to come.

Our Mission >>

Our mission is to connect consumers and retailers with the best cannabis brands and products that California has to offer. Consumers deserve safe, consistent, and superior products and all of the brands that we represent align with this commitment. We stay committed to excellence in all that we do; excellence in service, brand building, and going above and beyond what’s expected.

Our Values >>


We love what we do and our passion for cannabis is shared by our employees, customers and our families.


We believe that our brand partners, retailers and consumers alike deserve reliability and honesty in everything that we do, and we strive to provide both services and products that reflect this belief.


We set high expectations and we honor our commitments. With our sleeves rolled up, we attack every challenge head-on because our focus is on a successful outcome for all.


We understand the power of connections and building strong relationships in this growing industry. When we grow and work together, we can accomplish so much more.


We thrive on growth, and that includes always within ourselves. We value the pursuit of progress, continuous knowledge and maximizing the potential within.